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March 26th @10am: Expressive Art & The Stations of the Cross

March 26th @10am: Expressive Art & The Stations of the Cross
Published on Thu, 23 Mar 2023 14:52
Adult Formation

Come join us at 10am on March 26th as Maeve leads us through a time of expressive art making with the *Stations of the Cross.  We will be looking at art work that has been created for the different Stations of the Cross and exploring our own artistic expressions of what these stations could look like. If you would like, these will be added to make our own Stations of the Cross here at St. C's.

*The Stations of the Cross is an ancient practice that originated in Jerusalem.  Very early on in Christianity people went around the city and marked the places that they believed Jesus had actually walked on his way to the cross, this became the Stations of the Cross. Christians have been making the pilgrimage to Jerusalem for centuries to walk the Stations of the Cross and follow Jesus’ foot steps.  This became a practice that Christians re-created around the world for those who could not make the trip to the Holy Land. 

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