March Homeless Shelter Volunteer

Published on Tue, 12 Feb 2019 09:28

Time to Sign up to Volunteer for our March Men’s Homeless Shelter

This March St. Columba's will be providing shelter for up to 25 people in our fellowship hall, working in partnership with Catholic Community Services, Reach Out Winter Shelter, and many of our neighboring churches.

How does this program work?  The ReachOut program works with local churches to provide winter shelter. Some churches, like ours, serve as hosts sites and provide shelter each night for at least a month, from 8:30pm to 7am. Other churches and helping organizations provide hot meals and packed lunches for the shelter residents. Catholic Community Services provides case management, paid staff to stay overnight with the men, and other services designed to help shelter residents move into permanent housing.

How can I help? St. Columba's, as part of hosting the shelter, has agreed to provide two hospitality hosts for each night the shelter is here.Volunteers arrive at 7:50pm and stay until about 9pm. Their job is to make some coffee and put out beverages for the men, to greet the volunteers who come in with hot dinner and make sure they know where to put things, and to just be a human presence to the shelter residents as they come in from the cold. Click here to sign up online