Lenten Wednesday Nights: Walking Once More...

Published on Wed, 13 Mar 2019 10:00
Adult Formation

"Dear Lord of Love, Behold Your Church," reminds us that each spring, we are "walking once more the pilgrim way of Lent." (Hymn 149). This year, during this Lent, you are invited to join with other people at St. Columba's on something of a Lenten pilgrimage on our Wednesday Community Nights starting on March 13. It will be a journey through some of the most profound ideas of the Christian faith, many of them ancient, that each generation receives and makes new meaning of. Register Here!

Our time together this Lent will feature a simple supper, Eucharist with a Godly Play story, and then discussion on key concepts of the Christian faith led by clergy and lay leaders. 

These are great opportunities especially for newcomers to the Episcopal Church, those considering confirmation (the rite where you join the church and become an Episcopalian), those new to Christianity, or anyone who wants to go deeper into the teachings of faith.

Here's the schedule - starting March 13 (the Wednesday after Ash Wednesday):

  • 6 p.m. - Simple Lenten supper - soup, salad, and bread
  • 6:30 p.m. - Holy Eucharist (This will be a shorter version of the healing service, but with a Godly Play story on the theme of each evening in place of the sermon)
  • 7 p.m. - Adults and youth will be invited to a discussion of a theme of the Christian life while children engage in their own themed activities

The Children's Program will run from 7pm to 8pm each Wednesday, offering kids 0-11 an opportunity to check-in about their week, do a craft/game/activity on the weekly theme, and engage in age appropriate play and discussion. Youth in grades 6 & up are encouraged to participate in the Adult Program.

For Adults, the six-week series on Wednesdays runs from March 13 to April 17. We'll take our cure from the Catechism in the Book of Common Prayer (pages 845-861). Each night will focus on a particular theme:

  • March 13: "Walking once more...The Way to God among us" (BCP pages 845-847) - Carol Everson  on humanity, God, and our relationship with one another.
  • March 20: "Walking once more... The Way to the right thing" (BCP pages 847-849) - Meghan Mullarkey on the 10 Commandments, sin, and redemption
  • March 27: "Walking once more... The Way of the fullness of Jesus" (BCP pages 849-851 & 861-862) - Micah Kurtz on the person and life of Jesus.
  • April 3: "Walking once more... The Way of believing" (BCP 851-853) - James Wyatt on the Holy Spirit, the Trinity, and the creeds
  • April 10: "Walking once more... The Way as the Church" (BCP 854-856) - Martin Pommerenke on scripture, the church, and ministry
  • April 17: "Walking once more... The Way on Earth as in Heaven" (BCP 856-861) - Alissa Newton on prayer, worship, and the sacraments