Sunday Adult Forum 9am: A Closer Look at the Poor People's Campaign on March 10th, 17th (Special Guest: Aaron Scott), 24th

Published on Wed, 13 Mar 2019 16:21
Adult Formation

The Poor People’s Campaign: What is it and what does it have to say to our nation, to our church, and to our selves about how we see and understand poverty?

Update: On March 17th at 9am Aaron Scott will be joining us at St. Columba's to share about the his experience working with the Poor People's Campaign for the past ten years.

Aaron is on the national steering committee for the campaign and is the missioner for anti-poverty organizing for our diocese.

Come join this Sunday, March 10th at 9am to learn about the history and hopes for the Poor People's Campaign and then be ready to welcome Aaron as he brings his depth of knowledge and passion for the importance of this campaign for our churches and our own faith on March 17th.

In the month of March, Meghan will lead Adult Formation classes on the Poor People’s Campaign.  Delving into the history of the campaign and what it hopes to accomplish.  The Poor People’s Campaign also focuses on a shift in how as a Nation we must see and treat those experiencing poverty.  We will explore this shift in thinking for the sake of our nation, ourselves, and our church.  This class will also incorporate and look deeper at places in scripture where God calls society to take care of the poor and love those on the margins.