Stewardship at St. Columba’s: Be a Blessing - Vibh Cox

Published on Thu, 31 Oct 2019 10:00

This fall as we begin to plan for the next budget year, we will take time as community to share the stories of being blessed by St. Columba's, and choosing to practice blessing through participation in the life of this community, including participating financially.

Adam and I began attending St. Columba’s in September of 2018. Adam’s grandmother Ann was also an Episcopalian and a someone who consistently contributed her energies to leading bible studies and prayer groups at her church when she was able. We had brought Anne with us to a service at St. Columba’s and were pleasantly surprised when she encountered a familiar face. Inviting Anne with us to visit different church communities (as we moved frequently with Seattle Apartment living) became one of the ways I connected most with Anne. Anne’s children had not been members of a church community for many years and Anne enjoyed accompanying us to church.  When the time came for Anne to make her final wishes known, one of her requests was to have an Episcopal Funeral service. 

St. Columba’s gave us a place to seek help honoring Anne’s last wishes. Church members stepped in to help arrange the service, provide music, and set up for the reception afterward. The way the members of St. Columba’s anticipated and attended to the needs of our family was a beautiful reflection of how we have always felt at St. Columba’s: Welcome. This is one of the ways that St. Columba’s is a blessing in our world. I was so moved that we had found a church home that willingly welcomed a family’s need and grief with so much love. 

It hasn’t been just that one moment- kneeling at the prayer altar in grief, my need was welcomed with love. Our ministries, from the Reach out Shelter to the community garden and the beekeeping ministry, welcome need with love. The ministries of this church provides not only an example, but pathways for all of us to practice welcoming need with love.

Vibh Cox

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