Join us for our Whole Church Advent Challenge!

Join us for our Whole Church Advent Challenge!
Published by Alissa Newton on Wed, 20 Nov 2019 17:49

Advent Challenge: the Way of Love

Do you like a challenge? Are you ready to grow spiritually either as an indivdual or as a family? Advent, like Lent, is a season of preparation. In Advent we prepare for the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, in our lives each day, at Christmas over 2000 years ago, and at the end of time. This year at St. Columba’s we are each encouraged to adopt some spiritual practices collectively called The Way of Love.

The Advent Challenge for 2019 involves committing to one of the practices in the Way of Love each week. 

  • The first week you will be asked to take 10 minutes each day to answer three short questions about your day and to spend an additional few minutes at the end of the week to review your answers. 
  • The second week you will be asked to read a short portion of scripture each day. 
  • The third week you will be asked to pray a different prayer from the Book of Common Prayer each day. 
  • The final week emphasizes worship and you’ll be asked to commit to attending Sunday worship every week in Advent (at either 8:00 or 10:00), one Wednesday evening service at 6:30 on Dec. 4, 11, or 18 or one Morning Prayer service (every weekday during Advent at 6:30am), and either the Christmas Eve or Christmas Day services. This challenge encompasses the whole month, but comes to completion in the 4th (short) week of Advent.

This is a busy time of year and this “challenge” is designed to be respectful of your time – requiring less than half an hour each day. You will be able to complete it as an individual or together with your family - we will have family friendly options for reflection over a meal, or during family time each day. You can follow along with prompts on our facebook page, and anyone of any age is invited to come together to reflect on the experience of the challenge Sunday mornings at 9am. 

So, what do you say, do you accept the challenge? We will have materials and more information starting December 1, the First Sunday of Advent!

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