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Discovering Our Roots to Build Our Future: Each Sunday in September @10am.

Discovering Our Roots to Build Our Future:  Each Sunday in September @10am.
Published on Thu, 2 Sep 2021 09:45
Adult Formation

Discovering Our Roots to Build Our Future

Where do you come from? What are the “roots” that have shaped who you are? How do those roots influence the ways you “bloom,” now and in the future?

These questions will guide us through a series of four Sunday mornings of Adult Forum in September. Join us at 10 am, either masked in Erskine Hall or connecting via Zoom, as we engage in conversation and experiential exercises to explore these questions and more. How do our families of origin and belonging form our theological worldview? How has our experience at St. Columba’s shaped our spiritual experience? What has brought life and nourishment, and what has felt wanting? Exploring these questions will help identify what matters to us and guide us as we continue to develop on our spiritual journey, both as individuals and as a congregation. 

On the final Sunday morning (September 26), we’ll include the children and youth as we engage in an expressive writing and art-making process. We’ll decorate small tiles to reflect how we intend to bloom spiritually at St. Columba’s and contribute to the future flourishing of the congregation. Those tiles will find a home in the Altar garden behind the church as we celebrate the new Memorial Garden space.

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