Children, Youth, and Families at St. Columba's

St. Columba's strives to be a safe and loving community for all kinds of families - we welcome families formed through adoption, foster care, birth, choice, or circumstance. We welcome families who are doing the sacred work of raising children, families who are hoping and preparing to do that work, and families whose work and life together does not include children.  We believe that a full community includes people and families of many ages, stages, and ways of being together.

At St. C's we believe that all people are born into this world with an innate sense of the presence of God, and a desire to know and be in relationship with the Divine. What we all lack, in the beginning, is the vocabulary, space, and permission to freely explore that sense of God's presence and desire for relationship. Our formation programs for children and youth at St. C's are designed to provide that vocabulary, make that space, and give permission for each of our children to speak, create, and explore their relationship with God. We seek to enfold our children in a community that treasures the unique gifts they bring and recognizes their full humanity and full membership in the household of God. We look for ways to craft worship and Christian formation experiences that are specifically for children and we strive to make sure that all of our worship offerings hold space for our children and youth to bring all of who they are into our community of faith. 


   Programs for Children, Youth, & Families